TubeBuddy the FREE google extension every youtuber can use to thrive


If you’re looking for an efficient and effective tool that could help with your youtube channel, then start using TubeBuddy! This free browser extension allows you to manage your channel effortlessly. 

Once you add the extension to your google chrome, you can improve your SEO  (search engine optimisation), titles, thumbnails and tags. Additionally, you can utilise the videolytics to see when your videos are being viewed the most, to know when to post. 

Advanced Keyword Research


TubeBuddy knows exactly what tags any video uses and their SEO score. One of this tool’s useful features is the tag explorer, which allows you to see what tags other channels are using. Utilising this insight, you can integrate the trending keywords and the suggested tags for your content. This will help you rank higher in the search engines and it also helps you to specifically cater to the right target groups. 

Rank Higher in Search Results

tubebuddy, youtube

Overall , TubeBuddy is definitely the best tool that I have come across for youtube and it’s free. They do have paid packages, when you upgrade for more useful features such as having unlimited suggestions when crafting your titles and tags. If you’re looking to grow your channel effectively and organically, then check this tool out!


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