Answer the Public- the most useful platform used in the world of marketing and blogging

Answer the Public is a useful user insight tool, that is massively used by most marketers, content writers and bloggers. The process is simple, you just type in a keyword and then the platform surfs the web for all the questions people are searching for online, these questions are useful because it is directly related to your selected topic. These results will help you meet the queries of the public.

Answer the Public presents findings visually like the picture above

Still deciding if you should use it?

Well let’s look at the benefits…

  1. There is a free version available for everyone.
  2. Lets you identify and develop your understanding of your chosen topic.
  3. Using this platform you can plan and target your content effectively.
  4. Writing content will become easier because AnswerThePublic ensures that your keyword and topic is as optimised and targeted as possible.
  5. You’ll learn more about what your niche wants and needs, so you can meet their demands.
  6. . Carefully constructing your content and marketing angle based on your niche’s interest will optimise your organic search.
  7. Allows you to meet your customers where they are, instead of guessing where they could be.
  8. Deadlines could limit the flow of ideas but with AnswerThePublic you will not be constricted by time or the lack of insightful ideas.
  9. AnswerThePublic allows you to compare data.
  10. Most importantly, AnswerThePublic allows you to understand what your chosen word is being compared with, this will help you gain a deeper insight about your competition so you know how you can improve your content or services.

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