A day in Regent’s park and Primrose Hill

Let’s be honest, post-quarantine, parks are where it’s at! As soon as the quarantine rules had relaxed, people have been flocking to the parks. And there are the usual favourites in London, one is Regent’s Park and the other one is Primrose Hill. These two places have a lot to offer, from the wonderful views to its spacious environment, you can properly enjoy your picnics, activities or events. 

Regent’s Park

Built in 1811, this wonderful park is one of the oldest green spaces and Royal Parks of London. If you’re not a local and you want to experience London’s greenery, then this place is definitely the spot- just make sure to not meet people at the park. Trust me you’ll spend a long time trying to find them, it’s probably easier to meet up in a local train station or a bar.

Additionally, if you’re feeling extra festive you can even visit the Zoo, which is right next to the park! 

Although, if you want to stay in the park, there is still so much that you can do; you can go for a run, skate, cycle, celebrate a birthday, play sports, read a book or have a lovely picnic.

Primrose Hill

Built in 1842, Primrose Hill is another favourite. This park is famous for the Hilltop’s panoramic views over Regent’s Park and London City. You Have the choice of sitting on the hill or the flat green space.

During the morning, this park attracts a lot of families, while in the evening you’ll mainly see a lot of young people listening to music and having a picnic while watching the sunset. If you haven’t been to this park already, I definitely would recommend that you visit, it’s absolutely beautiful, social and a vibrant place.


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