The most useful youtube channel to follow

There is a lot of content on youtube but there are few channels that discuss and showcase what is required to successfully manage a platform, whether it is a youtube channel, a blog or even a business.

Created by Tim Schmoyer, the video creators youtube channel and blog helps new creators get started in the right direction with getting views, subscribers, and channel growth.

I particularly loved their recent discussion, which was on the first Team Members you Need for your YouTube Channel (even if you can’t pay them) [Ep. #214]. I found this episode to be very insightful and helpful. I particularly liked the part where they had elaborated on the early developments of their channel and the steps that they took to recruit and build their businesses online.

If you’re curious about the processes and everything that takes place behind the scenes, then you’ll love their channel.

Check out their content! ツ It’s 🔥

P.s. I’m not sponsored by them, I just love platforms dedicated to people’s growth 😊


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