Road trip to Alice Holt forest

Alice Holt is a royal forest in Hampshire, it was first founded in 1924. Since then it has grown to become the heart of wonder and activities such as Go Ape! 

As you can imagine there aren’t many majestic green spaces to see in London. However, if you travel a bit outside of London, you can find plenty of marvellous places like Alice Holt, where you’ll be surrounded by a variety of plants and greenery. 

Everyone is welcome in Alice holt forest, they cater to everyone’s needs. If you’re into long walks, they have a variety of short and long trials.

Additionally, you can also have a picnic, barbecue, cycle, go fishing and you can even take part in the Go ape activities. 

The girls and I had a really good time in this place. I know that us Londoner’s don’t like travelling outside of London much, but one thing that this trip has taught me is that I’ve been missing out on a lot of fun. If you’re running out of trip ideas- famalam go ape in Alice Holt.


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