Sell your clothes on Vinted! You can make some extra cash that you can save or splash this summertime ;)

Not that many of us have been shopping much during COVID, although most of us still have a bunch of clothes that we can do without. So why not sell or swap your clothes on Vinted. This platform is an Lithuanian online marketplace and community that allows its users to sell, buy, and swap secondhand clothing items and accessories. 

By Vinted

My friend had recently introduced me to this platform, when she had first listed her items on the site, she had sold 3 items in about 10 minutes, which is way quicker than other platforms. Additionally, I do have to say that I love the concept of recycling clothes and making money in the process.

Clothes By compassgeek on Vinted

And from a buyer’s perspective, whatever your style is, there is a wide range of affordable clothes being sold, from vintage, designer to high street items. So why not shop and sell your clothes in a way that helps the environment.

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