Favourite K-Dramas from 2007 to 2020😍

Coffee Prince (2007)

This story revolves around Choi Han-gyul, a bachelor who pretends to be gay so he can avoid blind dates arranged by his grandma. He hires Eun-chan to be his lover, not knowing that she is actually a female.

Eun-chan is a hard working, fun and a self-reliant character.   She finds herself entangled with Choi Han-gyul, who is a player. What I love about these two characters is that they often find themselves in awkward and funny situations. If you’re into rom-coms then you’ll love this drama.

Queen Seondeok (2009)

This drama is one of the most powerful historical dramas that I have ever seen. It follows the story of a young woman named Deokman, who later in the drama unites three turbulent kingdoms despite opposition from a powerful lady of the court.

In many drama’s, the villain is usually despised, but in this drama, the strategist Mishil had put up such a strong fight that you can’t help but commend her, for further enriching the drama’s development. 

Boys Over Flowers (2009)

Boys Over Flowers, is one of the first Korean drama’s that I’ve seen. This drama had me laughing and crying, all at the same time. Jan-Di is an intelligent girl, who transfers to an elite school. Her poor background makes her stand out from her fellow rich classmates.

The story follows Jan-Di’s experience, romance and interactions with four of the richest boys at her high school. What I loved about this drama is Jan-di’s resilience and the chemistry that later develops between Gu Jun-Pyo and her. 

Master’s Sun (2013)

This drama follows the story of a businessman, whose life changes when he meets a woman who has the ability to see ghosts. Gong Hyo-jin and Ji-sub are both great actors who can enrich any character that they play.

Everything about this drama was beautiful from the romantic development between the main characters to the whirlwind of events and challenges that they face, there was never a dull moment with this drama. 

My Love Who Came From The Star (2013)

Do Min Joon is an alien who is stuck on Earth, he lives his life unphased by the mundane living, until he gets entangled with Cheon Song-yi. Their interactions and chemistry is very captivating and funny at the same time.

This drama is very entertaining and it triggers so many emotions. I loved it so much that it only took me a couple of days to watch it all!

Misaeng: The Incomplete Life (2014)

Hands down- Misaeng is one of the most realistic and inspiring drama’s out there. This drama follows a young man who experiences the hardship of unemployment and then he later is faced with more challenges trying to navigate through the corporate world as an intern.

If you’re into drama’s that revolve around office life, teamwork and relationships, you’ll love this drama too. Throughout the drama you’ll get heavily invested in the main character’s development through the bad and more bad times, until he finally wins. 

Oh my Venus (2015)

Love- LOve-LOVE this drama! I think, I watched it 3 times in total. This drama follows the story of Kang Joo-Eun and her boyfriend of fifteen years, who later breaks up with her for gaining weight. In a moment of desperation Kang Joo-Eun gets help from Kim Young-Ho, a personal trainer. Kang Joo-Eun and Kim Young-Ho work really well together and their interactions lead them to self love and discovery. With the help of Henry Lau and Sung Hoon, Kang Joo-Eun is able to start gaining control over her life again.

I actually loved all the characters in this drama, they add such joy, humour and depth to the storyline. Now, can we please talk about the actor So Ji-Sub who plays the main character in this drama. Perfection is the only way to describe him, this man’s acting abilities is just so amazing, from his charms to his great chemistry with Kang Joo-Eun! I highly recommend this drama.  

Reply 1988 (2015)

This drama triggers nostalgia on all levels! It follows the lives of 5 families living on the same street in a neighbourhood called Ssangmundong in Seoul. As the drama develops we get to see the neighbours’ friendship strengthen as the years progress. 

What I also love about this drama is the romance that develops between the three friends.  I honestly didn’t know who to root for, both Taek and Junk-hwan had great chemistry with Deok-sun. Nonetheless, I was still happy with the outcome. That being said, my favourite character was Dong-ryong. Beyond the romance he was the most entertaining to watch, I loved the comedy that he brought to the drama. If you haven’t watched this drama already then I truly recommend that you watch it! 

Cheese in the Trap (2016)

If you’re into psychology and relationships, this one’s for you! This  drama follows a college student and her relationship with a strategic man, who resorts to manipulation to teach other people a lesson. Both of the lead characters Hong Seol and Yoo Jung have different approaches to life, despite this, they find themselves drawn to each other.

Yoo Jung tries to stop people from hurting Hong Seol but in the process he ends up hurting others. While Hong Seol tries to “fix” him and it just ends up hurting her. Their relationship is definitely complicated and understandable at the same time. I just hope that season 2 comes out, so I can understand the end of season 1 a bit more. This was definitely a captivating drama. 

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God / Goblin (2016)

Cursed for 939 years, Dokkaebi seeks to find his bride to break the curse.

From the acting to the storyline, everything about this drama is perfect. You just have to watch it for yourself to know what I mean.

Signal (2016)

Two detectives from different period of times, find themselves in communication with each other, through a walkie-talkie. What links them is their pursuit of uncovering a series of related murder cases. 

This one is for the thrill chasers, who like a good mystery case. The storyline is honestly a masterpiece- definitely worth a watch. 

Descendants of the Sun (2016)

If you’re a kdrama fan, then you’ve heard of the great love story between Captain Yoo Shi Jin, and Doctor Kang Mo Yeon. Their romance blossoms in the presence of challenges that they face in a war-torn country. This drama has a warm feel, from the atmosphere to the characters’ interactions.

What I really loved about this drama is the chemistry between the main characters. Additionally, the fact that the main characters had ended up getting married in real life- made this drama and their chemistry all the more realistic and impressive.

Chicago Typewriter (2017)

This drama goes back and forth between Korea in the 1930s to the present day. It follows the storyline of three people who lived during the Japanese occupation in Korea. In both time periods, Han Se Ju is a writer with a lot of troubles that get untangled through his interactions with Jeon Seol. She is a book lover who grows to critic and help Han Se Ju with his writing. 

Throughout the drama we get to see the characters uncover the mystery and promises that they made to each other in their past lives. This drama was definitely fascinating and worth the watch. 

Father is Strange (2017)

Despite the strange title, there was never a dull moment with this drama. It follows a middle class family and their usual lives, until one day they encounter a young celebrity claiming that he is the son of the family.

If I say so myself, I’m a sucker for mundane dramas situated in everyday life and this drama does exactly that! You feel like you’re part of this family and you get to reflect on your own family dynamics. You hurt when they hurt and laugh when they laugh, I truly liked this drama, there were a lot of entertaining and teachable moments.  

Mr Sunshine (2018)

As a result of unfortunate circumstances, a Korean boy ends up in the United States. After a series of events he returns to his homeland as an American officer. During the Japanese occupation, the plot line deepens as Eugene gets entangled with Ae-sin, an aristocrat’s daughter who is part of the Korean freedom fighters. 

I have to say for such a thrilling drama, the title doesn’t seem to do it justice! I’m not a patriotic person, but this drama conjured a lot of emotions within me. The suppression of Korean people, under the American and Japanese occupation was really hard to watch. And it reminded me of various other countries that have also been subjected to some sort of abuse and pain by various imperialist powers. It was definitely a harsher world back then. This drama has definitely helped me appreciate and reflect on my rights, freedom, ancestors and life a lot more.

If you’re somehow still reading my review, I encourage you to watch this drama, it most likely will make you cry, especially when you see the picture of the freedom fighters, who gave up so much, including their lives, for the freedom of their country. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to see what they have all collectively achieved. Nonetheless, they will always be remembered for their commendable lives. 

Itaewon Class (2020)

Finally, I’ve saved one of the best drama’s to last! This drama is about a young man who is wrongfully convicted. Despite the odds being against him, Saeroyi grows up to become an extraordinary person, who persists forward to achieve all his ambitious dreams. 

Saeroyi has to be one of my favourite characters of all time! He is what I call a solid character, he is faced with so much hardship but he stays consistent and true to himself and his vision. In the process he inspires his friends to do the same. As the viewer, I felt really inspired by Saeroyi’s character and I really enjoyed all the other characters for adding entertainment and humour to the drama. 

Moreover, what differentiates this drama from others, is its strong diverse representation of various groups in society. For instance I think it’s the first time in a kdrama that we’ve been able to see a character like kim to-ni, who is a black person that has been able to add a tremendous amount of depth to the storyline. Additionally, Ma hyeon yi is one of the first transgender woman to have featured in a kdrama.

I legitimately stayed up to finish this drama, I just couldn’t stop myself from watching another episode. There was never a dull moment, but there were plenty of laughs and lessons to be learnt. 

On this note I leave you with my favorite quote of all time, which happens to be from Itaewon Class 2020.

I’m a rock. Go ahead and sear me. I won’t budge an inch because I’m a rock. Go ahead and beat me up. I’m a solid rock. Go ahead and leave me in darkness. I’m a rock that will shine all alone. I don’t break, ash, nor decay as I go against nature’s way.

I survive. I’m diamond.”


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