Arsenal or Tottenham? Can you support more than one football team? ⚽ 👀

Yes, we are discussing one of those unspoken rules amongst football fans, can you support more than one football team? This is a question I’ve never thought about before, but ever since I had started to really get into football, I’ve really been thinking about this question.

Lock-down had really brought me, to not only start watching football, but to actually follow every game and updates 🤭  Some find it a bit too much, but in a time of pure boredom, I have found enjoyment in football. 😂…..I can’t even believe that I’ve become this person. I don’t know if it was the great recommendations of short videos of Ronaldinho or the Amazon prime documentaries, but I’ve really been bewitched by this sport.

Ok now let’s get into the nitty gritty of this post, so even though, I wasn’t so madly into football before, I had always supported Arsenal by default- it probably is the Islington in me. And I have to say, I’ll always support Arsenal. Saying this, I’ve also come to really enjoy and follow all of Tottenham’s games. 

I’m happy to support both teams, although it seems that I can’t be too vocal about it. Whenever this topic, would arise, the conversations would get political and it often ends with “you can’t support two teams that’s a betrayal, do you not know the history of both teams?” Yes sir and ma’am, I’m well aware of both teams history. Thanks to this video Arsenal vs Tottenham and having lived in North London for most of my life, I’m pretty aware of the rivalry between the fans. However, I still believe that if you’re truly a fan of football, then it should be about the team spirit and the skills, rather than the rivalry. 

Frankly speaking, the real question is what draws most of us to one team? Some of us keep it in the derby and others are drawn by certain players that happen to play outside of the derby. So it would seem that, what draws us to a specific team varies, although what I don’t understand is, why do we have to limit our support to one team?

I mean, I get it, watching both teams that you support play can be difficult, although that’s when I think that the better prepared or skilled will win. For example, we are all aware of Arsenal’s performance this season 😐 , it’s only recently that they’ve started to truly fight back. While, Tottenham had started really well and have lately been lagging in their performance, although I do admit overall, they’ve been playing well. Both teams journey and growth has been a joy to watch.

I say all this to say that I’ll continue to watch and support both teams, let’s just hope that another team doesn’t bewitch me 👀 , three would be a crowd.


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