6 Things to know before visiting Chapada Diamantina

Chapada Diamantina is a wondrous maze that is full of surprises and beauty. Here are 6 essential things to know when you’re planning on visiting Chapada Diamantina.

Without a guide you’ll be lost and in danger

Most places, if you walk long enough, you may return to the starting point, however, this place is so big, you can be walking for ages and not know where you are. The lack of signs and wild animals in this area is also a concern for new travellers. So I do recommend booking a guide to safely navigate through this place.

Prepare your swimwear

There is a waterfall on top of the mountain, where you can meditate, have a picnic or even swim in. 

Additionally, there is also turquoise coloured water inside the caves and unlike the water on top of the mountains, the water inside the caves are warmer.

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes

It can get cold when you climb to the top of the mountain, which is why a jumper or coat can come in handy. Additionally, you’ll also need some comfortable shoes to climb and trek the mountains.

Bring camera bae 

Everything is beyond instagram worthy- more like heaven worthy shots, so a handy camera is needed to capture it all in a capsule. 

While walking through the caves you’ll see a variety of striking stalactites in different shapes and colours. 

Have some drinks and snacks ready for the journey!

All that walking and exploring will leave you feeling hungry and thirsty. While carrying anything isn’t ideal, a small drink and a snack will help you go a long way- it will even boost your energy so you can swim and see more.

Have cash for the market

During the day you can explore the market, they sell all kind of fresh foods, vegetables and drinks. You can also get to know the locals, from the conversations that I had with some of them, I found out that they were travellers before they had settled in this area.

Additionally, if you are into crystals and antique objects then get your cash ready because they have a wide range of them.


Chapada Diamantina is an amazing national park that has so much to offer from the thousand foot waterfalls, great mountains, beautiful views and caves. Additionally, when you’re hungry they have multiple restaurants that serve delicious food and drinks. Without a doubt this place is highly worth visiting!

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