Hidden restaurants that you must visit in London

For such a small city, I’m enamoured with London’s rich and diverse food culture. As a local and a foodie, I keep thinking I’ve seen most of the restaurants and food places in London but I keep being proved wrong. As interesting as it sounds, I’ve been introduced to more of these hidden restaurants by friends who are tourists rather than my local friends. So I’ve decided to share some of my favourites with y’all!

Bōkan 37 restaurant 

Bokan restaurant

I found this place out because I was invited for lunch- dinner with some friends. I have to say this place definitely exceeded my expectations, hands down my favourite rooftop restaurant. I think there were three floors with different layouts but all the floors had been aesthetically beautiful. Our table was next to the window, overlooking the city lights, canal and the Canary Wharf area. I wasn’t too familiar with the food on the menu so I let my friends pick our food, we shared our plates so that we could have a taste of the different options.

We had steak, lobster and octopus, followed by various desserts and I must say the quality of food was impeccable. To top it off the staff were friendly and super helpful. Later we decided to go to the second floor for some drinks and to enjoy the live music and open space. The prices are definitely up there but for special occasions I would definitely recommend this place.

Kintan Japanese BBQ

 I’m a regular at this place. It’s a combination of the atmosphere, the location being at the heart of west London and the delicious sake, caramelised beef and bibimbap that has made me a regular. 

Despite the prices that add up by the end of the night, which never fail to catch me off guard, this place is one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in London. My friend and I always have a great time here. I usually don’t get the sets, I pick the dishes that I want- as it’s way cheaper. If you’re starving right now, be spontaneous and try this place out. 



I had to include Bokit’la into this list because I’ve been wanting to visit this place for a very long time, especially because of the great reviews that I’ve heard about this place. Everything would have gone to plan if it wasn’t for corona.


So I’ll definitely be checking this place out soon, I can’t wait to experience the freshly made ingredients from the special homemade sauces, to the crispy bread to the well seasoned chicken and avocado. 

Addis Restaurant

Addis restaurant

Let’s be honest when it comes to our native food, it’s best to eat it at home. However, there is a special type of flavour that this restaurant uses that makes their food so delicious. This restaurant is located in King Cross, the food is decently priced and they cater to everyone’s taste buds from carnivores to herbivores. Additionally, they serve the traditional type of coffee but it is the Cinnamon stick flavoured tea that I love to have at the end of my meal. I highly recommend this place.


Cook Daily restaurant
Cook Daily restaurant

It’s hard to find a good vegan restaurant that serves delicious and nutritious food. I had first come across this restaurant when my vegan friend invited us to this place for her birthday. I’m not a vegan but to my surprise I was quite delighted by the vegan options, as well as the taste of the food. If you are a vegan or someone who is looking to try out some vegan options, I would say check CookDaily out.

Cinnamon Bazaar 

This place is just stunning all around, it has a cozy feel to it with all of the beautiful lights and colours. The food is also super delicious, not so cheap but I think that’s expected as it’s located in the heart of Covent garden. I ordered various dishes. Please look at the video to see the delicious curry and the chai tea.

I would definitely recommend this place, the only thing I would suggest is to book a table so you can avoid getting booted after you eat your food.


Alto restaurant

The first time that I went to this place was for a friend’s birthday. She had completely loved the place, the entrance is extremely beautiful with flowers and a gram worthy chair. The rooftop and open space was wonderful, this place’s strength really lies in the vibe and the aesthetics, especially when the weather is sunny.

We had a great time, the food and drinks weren’t that cheap but if you are looking to impress a friend or a lover with a lovely vibe and service then this place is your winner.

Sky Bar canary wharf

Sky Bar Canary Wharf

Here is another great rooftop bar that I have come to know because of a friend. I went to this place for some drinks and I have to say that we were lucky because a live band was performing that night.

Sky bar

We had a great time. What I enjoyed the most about this place is the view, especially watching the sunset was phenomenal followed by the night lights. 

Asadal Restaurant

Asadal Restaurant

I had really wanted to go to this place before and weirdly enough my friends had chosen this place to surprise me for my Birthday. Again oddly enough,  I had never mentioned this place to them,  however, that day, the universe had perfectly aligned in my favour.

Asadal Restaurant

Everything about this place, the service, the food, the drinks and the atmosphere was perfect. I enjoyed the night while eating my delicious beef and bibimbap, while sipping on my peach flavoured soju. Hands down I loved this Korean restaurant and I would highly recommend this place. 

I’m sure I’ve missed some great hidden restaurants, please share some of yours in the comment section!


2 thoughts on “Hidden restaurants that you must visit in London

  1. Oh wow, these all look good! My husband and I went to London in October and ate in a lot of crappy places, Nando’s included. My favorite restaurant was this Indian restaurant called Millbank Spice, which is in the Westminster area.

    Hannah | http://hannahonhorizon.com


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