Help fund Sisterhood: A series of shorts by 7 Black Women

“7BlackWomen brings together a group of ambitious, imaginative women, and this is a great opportunity to support some exciting new storytellers. The film and TV industry stands to gain so much by amplifying the voices of Black creatives.” – Jaya Campbell, Director of Development & Production, Searchlight Pictures.

A group of 7 Black Women have come together to write, and produce a series of short films. The series will cover a range of topics including: “Black Joy, Sisterhood, Friendship, Adulting and Living as a Black Women in Britain“.

Not only do the stories empower and represent black women, but it also captures and shares the authentic experiences of Black women in Britain.

At the moment, they’re looking to raise funds for the film that will soon be produced and showcased across festivals. This will allow them to share their stories and reach the goal in striving to see more Black Women on screen & behind screen, if this is a passion of yours too, please help the sisters reach their financial goal by sharing this link: 7 Black Women. The money raised will help them to successfully produce the series. Support the cause today! ✊🏾

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