Start using google analytics to learn what your customers need, want and expect from your website πŸ€“

Google analytic’s is a great tool that anyone can access for free. Analytics can help you measure your site’s performance, from the way the visitors interact with everything on your site, to the channels that that they use to access your content.

Additionally, analytics also records all the different sources that bring traffic to your site, this can be from display advertisement, social media platforms, organic traffic, to email and everything else

So what are the benefits?

  1. You’ll be able to know how many people have visited your site.
  2. It’ll show you at which stage your visitors bounced off from your site.
  3. You can see where your visitors are coming from.
  4. It’ll show you the keywords that drive the most and the least traffic to your site, this can help you improve your site’s organic traffic.
  5. There is so much to learn about your visitors behaviours and interests, using google analytics you can learn how to meet their needs by segmenting your visitors into different groups so that you can specifically cater to their interests.
  6. Google analytics offers insight into your competitors traffic and use of keywords.
  7. Learn what channel is driving the most traffic, whether that be facebook, emails, paid ads or organic search.
  8. Compare the devices that your users are using to view your site so you can improve their experience.
  9. And if you want to keep your customers, google analytics allows you to anticipate your customers needs, interests and what you can offer them so you can add value to their life.

Where to start…

If you don’t know where to start, I recommend taking the free google analytics course. This will help you learn about Google’s measurement tools that will help you improve your business.

Starting something new can be overwhelming, but that first step is all that’s required to get the ball rolling!


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